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Business School


A.A.C. Business School is the Learning Academy which during the years has provided over 7000 hours of training with 3 Masters and 60 courses in the catalogue. The Masters, with a strong results orientation, represent training programs of excellence able to develop human resources both in skills and in terms of personal growth:

  • Executive Master Management of small and medium enterprises;
  • Operative Master Sales management and strategic alignment;
  • Empowerment Master Development of managers and team building;

A.A.C. Business School has developed business education-oriented elements for people (Counseling and Coaching Modules) and the Group (Advanced Training Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Master Classes and tests). Courses for the following professional categories have been developed:

  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Executives and managers of manufacturing companies, service and credit institutions;
  • Executives and managers in the health sector;
  • Executives and managers in the automotive sector;
  • Professionals and Consultants;
  • Trade and Sellers;
  • Secretaries and Assistants.
Business School


A.A.C. Business School makes use of sophisticated learning techniques and aims at developing in its customers emotional intelligence, role suitability, the ability of delegation and collaboration, professional maturity, overview and problem solving.

The paths of Advanced Training are specific training tasks on specific areas of interest:
  • Path of Advanced Training in Personal Stress Management, Well-Being: Life Balance
  • Path of Advanced Training in Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Path of Advanced Training for Controlling the Company and Balanced Scorecard
  • Path of Advanced Training for Managers in Intelligence, Safety and Operations in crisis areas
  • Training proposal for Automotive Dealers
  • Organizational Training Proposal & specialized Technical Training


  • Ing. Basile Giovanni
  • Prof. Bubbio Alberto
  • Campanini Mariateresa
  • Prof. Caltabiano Pier Sergio
  • Caroli Armando
  • Dott. Franchi Massimo
  • Avv. Ghetti Francesca
  • Dr.ssa Mazzali Maria
  • Ing. Pasini Luca
  • Ing. Tagliabue Filippo
  • PhD. Tucci Nicola
  • Arch. Silvia Zanichelli

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